What are the Limits for Insuring Cash and Checks?

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Money (currency / cash) that is sent through the mail can be insured with the following limits:

  • For Registered Mail®, cash can be insured up to $50,000. For amounts over $50,000, the full value must be declared but the maximum insured value is $50,000.
  • For all other mail classes and services not Registered Mail, the maximum indemnity for negotiable items, currency, or bullion is $15.00. Negotiable items are defined as instruments that can be converted to cash without resort to forgery.

Note: Commercial cash transactions of over $500 being sent through the mail must be sent as Registered Mail. This requirement only applies to commercial customers. There is no impact to residential customers. See Registered Mail® - The Basics for more information.


When a claim is filed, money is replaced at the insured value as indicated above only:

  1. After proof of value is shown (if the actual value was less than the insured amount, then only the actual value is paid).
    • Important: If you are sending a significant amount of cash, you need to verify with your local Post Office what is considered valid proof of value before mailing the item. You should also verify that it is packaged securely enough to protect a high value item from being harmed during regular mail processing.
  2. After the claim process is completed.

Please Note: Checks are not considered cash and cannot be insured other than for document reconstruction expense.

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TitleWhat are the Limits for Insuring Cash and Checks?
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