PS Form 3849 Redelivery Notice

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PS Form 3849 is the Redelivery Notice left for you when your mailpiece is undeliverable. This form provides you with information on the type of mailpiece that was attempted by the Carrier, why the mailpiece was not left, and which delivery options are available. Those delivery options can include requesting a carrier redelivery, picking up your mailpiece from the Post Office, and picking up your mailpiece from a USPS Smart Parcel Locker.

Why was the form revised for September 2022?

The PS Form 3849G (gopost® Redelivery form) was retired from production and replaced with February 2021 version for all customers. That version allowed carriers to check "Parcel Locker Eligible" if a customer is eligible to have their items redelivered to a gopost® parcel locker. The September 2022 version updates that checkmark to "USPS® Smart Parcel Locker Eligible".

For more information on using the form if "Parcel Locker Eligible" or “USPS® Parcel Locker Eligible” is checked, see either the gopost® Package Pickup or the USPS® Smart Parcel Locker articles.

  • Note: Previous versions of PS Form 3849 are still in use by USPS and can be used by customers.

PS Form 3849 Redelivery Form (Peach Color)

PS Form 3849-SD Sunday Delivery (Yellow Color)
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What is a QR Code and how does it work?

A QR Code is a type of barcode, shaped like a square, when scanned it directs the user to additional information about the attempted mailpiece(s). When the QR Code on the PS Form 3849 is scanned, it will direct the user to the redelivery page to allow them to request a redelivery.

Are users required to download a QR Code reader/scanner app to their smart device?

Users have two options for accessing the QR code on the PS Form 3849:

  • iOS customers can access their mobile camera, hold it over the QR code and a message will appear to open "" in Safari. Upon agreeing to the message, the user will be redirected to the Redelivery application.
  • iOS and Android customers can also download the QR Code reader/scanner app to their smart device to scan the QR code on the PS Form 3849, and the user will be directed to the redelivery application.

Is a PS Form 3849 available to businesses?

Both business and residential customers are able to take advantage of the redesigned PS Form 3849. Businesses will likely only see the new form if they do not have a designated, safe delivery location and if their item requires a signature.

Can a customer have someone else pick up their mailpiece for them?

Yes, this option is still available. The customer may designate someone they know to pick up their mailpiece at the local Post Office. The customer must sign the form in the appropriate section and write the name of the person who is picking the item up on their behalf. This option is not available for Registered Mail® and mailpieces with Restricted Delivery.

What types of services require the first initial and last name of the recipient to be manually entered?

Priority Mail Express®, Signature Confirmation, and Adult Signature all require the first initial and last name of the recipient to be manually entered by the carrier in the Mobile Delivery Device (MDD). If the MDD is not available a signature on the PS Form 3849 will be required.

Can a carrier sign for a mailpiece linked to a PS Form 3849?

Carriers may only sign for Priority Mail Express, provided a waiver of signature is indicated by the sender.

If a PS Form 3849 is for a business delivery, can the signature reflect the business name or must a "person" sign for the mailpiece(s)?

An individual employee must sign for the pieces. The "business" cannot sign and carriers must be able to input the first initial and last name of the person signing for the delivery.

Do all PS Form 3849s have barcodes?

Yes, all revised PS Form 3849s have barcodes along with barcode numbers. The barcode number can be entered into the USPS Tracking® and Schedule a Redelivery applications instead of a tracking number.

If there was a failed delivery of more than one package in a single attempt, the barcode number is associated with all the tracking numbers in that attempt. Entering that barcode number into the above applications provides information on all the tracking numbers.

What is the difference between PS Form 3849-SD, Sunday Delivery, and PS Form 3849, We ReDeliver for You!?

PS Form 3849-SD, Sunday Delivery form is designed to notify customers that a package delivery attempt was made on Sunday and the package will be available for pickup on the next business day (excluding Holidays) at their local Post Office or can be scheduled for redelivery by scanning the QR Code on the form. Sunday Delivery forms are used by hub offices and do not include the local office information.

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