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When is the latest I can request a gopost® delivery online so that it is delivered the following day?

What are gopost® parcel lockers?How does the gopost® Package Pickup option work?
How long do I have before I have to pick up my package at the gopost® unit?gopost®Redelivery - The Basics
USPS® Smart Locker  

*Added 3/16/2021* - Has the gopost® form been changed?

Yes. The PS Form 3849G will be retired from production and will be replaced with the February 2021 version of PS Form 3849 for all customers. Letter carriers will be required to indicate on the updated forms if a customer is eligible to have their items redelivered to a gopost® parcel locker by checking "Parcel Locker Eligible".

What is the gopost® Package Pickup option?

When you receive our notice of a missed package delivery, the gopost® Package Pickup option allows you to pick up the package from a local gopost® self-service parcel locker unit. Gopost® units are available for longer hours than our window hours and make it easier to get your packages on your schedule.

Since not all packages are eligible for delivery through gopost®, we'll check a box for "Parcel Locker Eligible" on the Redelivery form (PS Form 3849 Redelivery Notice) if the package is eligible.

You do not need to be a registered gopost user to utilize this option.

Image of a section of the front of the PS Form 3849, Redelivery Notice, the Feb. 2021 version. The focus is the "About the missed delivery:" section. Lines are available to check to indicate if the missed delivery was a "Package", "Letter", or "Large Envelope". On the next line, an "X" is over the checkbox next to "Parcel Locker Eligible". The next line has "Available for pickup date:" with a line next to it. The final lines has a checkbox next to "First attempt" and "Final notice".

Can I select the gopost® unit for the gopost® Package Pick Up Option?

No. We provide the specific gopost location associated with your delivery address directly on the Redelivery notice form and in our email/text notifications to you. In most cases, this will be the closest gopost unit to your delivery address.

For the option of choosing any gopost unit for deliveries (as well as shipping), you may wish to become a registered gopost user. Just visit to learn more and signup! Further information is also available at the article gopost®.

What if my 3849 form is not checked "Parcel Locker Eligible"?

Your package cannot be loaded into a gopost unit. We may have determined that the package is too large to fit in a gopost parcel locker. Or the piece may be ineligible due to the services requested by the sender.

Refer to items marked on the front of your 3849 form to determine the mail piece type. Follow instructions on the form for options other than gopost. See Redelivery - The Basics for further information.

When is the latest I can request a gopost® delivery online so that it is delivered the following day?

In most cases, if you make your request before 12AM, your package will be available at gopost the following day.

Where can I find the hours of availability for the gopost® unit assigned to my delivery address?

Many of the gopost units are accessible 24/7. However, please refer to hours listed on the Redelivery notice form for any exceptions.

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What are gopost® parcel lockers?

Gopost units are automated, secured, self-service parcel lockers placed in convenient locations. In addition to using the gopost Missed Delivery Pickup option, you may at some point choose to become a registered gopost customer - for both receiving and shipping of packages. It's FREE. Just visit to learn more and signup!

How does the gopost® Package Pickup option work?

If we missed you when we tried to deliver your package, we will leave a Redelivery notice (PS Form 3849 Redelivery Notice) containing options for redelivery and pickup.

If the "Parcel Locker Eligible" option is checked on the form and you are interested in retrieving your package via gopost, first visit

  1. At the website, provide your original delivery address, contact preferences, and delivery information number found on the notice slip left by your carrier.
  2. When your package has been loaded into gopost, you will receive a unique passcode and a reminder of the gopost unit location via email or text.
  3. Visit the gopost unit, enter your unique passcode from the email/text, and retrieve your package.

If your package requires a signature, you will be instructed to sign your name directly on the gopost kiosk screen using your finger before the locker will unlock. This service is only available in areas supported by gopost.

Instructions to guide you to the website are also on the Redelivery form.

How long do I have before I have to pick up my package at the gopost® unit?

Packages will be kept in the gopost unit for the normal Post Office hold period.

What size packages can be received via gopost®?

gopost unit lockers will fit packages up to 12"W x 15"D x 18½"H.

What types of items cannot be received via gopost® at this time?

Your Redelivery notice form will indicate if your package is eligible for gopost. Ineligible item include:

  • Letters or flat-sized envelopes less than ¾" thick (other than Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express)
  • Packages larger than the maximum size (12"W x 15"D x 18½"H)
  • Packages received with the following Extra Services: 
    • Certified Mail®
    • Return Receipt (hardcopy "blue card")
    • Collect On Delivery (COD)
    • Registered Mail®
    • Adult Signature
    • Restricted Delivery
    • Special Handling

Prohibited items may be returned to sender.

For packages too large for gopost, USPS will hold the package at a nearby Post Office and will send you the Post Office's address via email/text.

Inbound packages that require customs fees cannot be received via the gopost unit. International Extra Services that cannot be included are Restricted Delivery, Registered Mail, and Return Receipt.

For information or assistance:

For the most up-to-date information and usage terms, you may also call 1-USPS-MY GOPOST (1-877-769-4676).

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